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About Us

Our Vision

To provide a one-stop shop market for locating African-American lawyers and legal news as well as a market place for lawyers and legal professionals to market and brand themselves to the general public. Ultimately, the website will provide access to the judicial system to

Our Experience. We have over 15 years of internet technology experience and 15 years of legal industry experience as law students, lawyers and diversity leaders. Our team of programmers and certified Search Engine Optimization experts or leaders in the industry in website marketing and maintenance. We also have experience servicing Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, consumers, and small firms in various areas of the law as well as We understand the professional and career needs and expectations of African-American law students, professors, judges, in-house counsel and legal professionals. With our collective experiences, Asian Counselor will be a premiere resource for corporations, community organizations, small businesses and individuals to locate African-American lawyers and legal news.

What is Asian Counselor?

The mission of Asian Counselor is to empower consumers, business professionals and lawyers to get and give legal help. Our comprehensive legal resources and lawyer locator services will assist consumers in obtaining the appropriate legal assistance.

Trust and Security. You can trust our security. Asian Counselor is a secure site.

Satisfaction. You can rest assured because we provide complete customer service via our web site help, email and telephone. Your complete satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed.